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Internal and external Epoxy coated composite steel pipe

Internal and external Epoxy coated composite steel pipe is one new type of composite pipe developed in China in recent years. It is made of plastic coated on the inner and outer wall of steel pipe. The carbon steel pipe is always the base pipe. Epoxy resin (EP) or polyethylene (PE) were used as coating materials.
1). Internal and external Epoxy coated composite steel pipe is strong, especially epoxy and polyethylene have very strong adsorption power to metal, ceramic, glass and so on;
2). Low curing shrinkage:
Epoxy resin and polyethylene painting are among the lowest curing shrinkage of thermosetting and thermoplastic plastics (Phenol resin is 8%--10%; unsaturated polyester resin is 4%--6%; silicone resin is 4%; organic silicone resin is 4%--8%;)The coefficient of linear expansion is also very small, which is generally 6 × 10 ~ (-5) / ℃.  So the volume after curing has little change.
3). Good processing. Low molecular volatiles are not produced when the plastic powder is solidified, so it can be molded at low pressure or pressed by contact. It can be combined with various curing agents to make solvates, high solid, Powder coatings and water-based coatings and other environmental protection coatings.
4). Excellent electrical insulation
5). good chemical stability and excellent resistance to chemicals
6). High Anti heat difference. The common anti heat difference is 80~100℃.The heat resistance of epoxy resin can reach 200 ℃ or higher.
7). Mechanical strength is high such as wear resistance, bending resistance; compressive strength and shear strength are the same as iron and steel.
Execution standard:
GB/T3091-2003 low pressure fluid transmission welded steel pipe
GB/T5135.20-2010 automatic sprinkler fire fighting epoxy coated steel pipe      GB/T8163-1999 fluid transmission seamless steel pipe
GB/T28897-2012 steel-plastic composite steel pipe
SY/T0315-2013 Technical specification for external coating of fused epoxy powder steel pipe
CJ/T120-2008 water supply epoxy coated composite steel pipe
It is widely used in so many industrial fields, such as fire protection, natural gas, water supply and drainage, coal mine, chemical industry, electricity, oil, medicine, industry, ocean, highway, subway tunnel, ship, agriculture and so on.



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