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Epoxy powder anti-corrosion spiral steel pipe surface treatment process

1. The base layer treatment uses organic solvent to remove the oil stain on the surface of the steel pipe. The steel pipe is transported to the intermediate frequency heating device through the conveyor belt to perform intermediate frequency preheating (preheating temperature of about 60 ° C) to remove oil and water moisture.
2. Sandblasting treatment, using a centrifugal shot blasting machine to spray steel grit at high speed on the surface of the steel pipe, remove the rust layer, and remove the surface floating dust. Meet the Sa2.5 grade descaling standard, the roughness of 40-100 mixed m.
3. After the rust removal test, firstly measure or eliminate the steel pipe with defects, and then use the roughness measuring instrument to detect the rust removal level according to the test frequency specified by the standard.
Spiral steel pipe anti-corrosion
Epoxy powder anti-corrosion spiral steel tube heating
The spiral steel pipe subjected to surface descaling treatment is uniformly heated by a non-polluting electric induction heating heat source (the steel pipe is heated by an alternating magnetic field formed by a coil carrying a large alternating current). The heating temperature can be adjusted according to the production speed, the thickness of the pipe wall, and the gelation and curing time of the coating, and is generally about 230 to 260 °C. Continuous measurement with a thermometer to accurately control the surface temperature of the steel pipe.



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