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What is the service life of spiral steel pipe?

What is the service life of spiral steel pipe? Are the service life of large diameter spiral steel pipes and small diameter spiral steel pipes the same? I believe that when customers buy spiral steel pipes, they should be most conscious of this problem. Is there any special way to extend the service life of this spiral steel pipe? The following Wuzhou Wuyuan spiral steel pipe company will answer your questions. Spiral steel pipes have the same life limit as large-diameter straight seam steel pipes. The service life is mainly related to the operating environment and production process. Spiral steel pipe operating environment is relatively poor In order to extend the service life, the outer wall and inner diameter of the steel pipe are preserved.

Anti-corrosion steel pipe refers to a steel pipe that has been treated by anti-corrosion technology and can effectively prevent or slow down the corrosion phenomenon caused by chemical or electrochemical reaction during transportation and use. The anti-corrosion steel pipe can effectively prevent or slow down the corrosion and prolong the service life of the steel pipe and reduce the running cost of the steel pipe.

Steel pipe with many domestic applications, large-diameter straight seam steel pipe anti-corrosion layer with petroleum asphalt, PE jacket and PE foam jacket, epoxy coal tar pitch, coal tar enamel, epoxy powder and three-layer composite structure, epoxy coal tar pitch cold winding With (PF type), rubber-plastic epoxy coal tar cold tape (RPC type), etc., the most widely used pipe anti-corrosion methods are three-layer PE composite structure, single-layer powder epoxy, PF type cold winding. Belt, RPC type cold wrap.

1. Petroleum asphalt, with wide raw materials and low prices. However, the working conditions are poor, the quality is difficult to guarantee, and the environmental pollution is serious.

2, epoxy coal bitumen, easy to operate, but the cover layer curing time is long, affected by the environment, not suitable for field operations, difficult to construct below 10 °C.

3, epoxy powder anti-corrosion, using electrostatic spraying method, and the same material anti-corrosion tube body is well sintered, strong bonding, but epoxy powder is poorly waterproof (high water absorption rate, reaching 0.83%), to the cathode Protection design brings certain difficulties. The requirements for on-site appliances are high, the operation is difficult, and the quality is difficult to control.

4, 3PE heat shrinkable material, pipeline anti-corrosion sealing, high mechanical strength, strong water resistance, stable quality, convenient construction, good applicability, no pollution to the environment. PE has low water absorption (less than 0.01%), high epoxy strength, low PE water absorption and good softness of hot melt adhesive. It has high corrosion reliability. The disadvantage is: compared with the cost of other filler materials. ,costly.

5, PF type, RPC type cold-wrapped belt construction is simple and easy, the matching three types of molding glue, so that PF type epoxy coal tar cold tape can be constructed in any environment, any season, any temperature conditions.



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